Glimpse of Destiny by Samantha Ketteman

How well known this book is as follows:

As of 8/5/14 the number of ratings on Goodreads are as follows:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: 2,681,136 ratings

Divergent: 1,007,138 ratings

Inkheart: 223,932 ratings

Seraphina: 28,485 ratings

The Winter Witch: 3,683 ratings

Glimpse of Destiny: 15 ratings

Clearly this book is an unknown. Then again one must take into account that this book was published fairly recently, June 9th 2014. I happened upon it as a recommendation from Amazon, otherwise it would have remained unknown to myself as well.


Rating: 2/5

A 2 out of 5 is not nearly as bad as it sounds, I mean, this book wasn’t awful. It just wasn’t anything special. At all.

The Review:

The Writing: My impression about the writing style of this book is that it is just average. Not average for Americans, but average when compared to other authors. Clearly this author is experienced, having written other books before this one, but the word building is nothing special. I didn’t see any noticeable grammatical errors aside from one, the use of “bitterer” which is just not proper at all. My issue with the writing is that it isn’t memorable. It doesn’t paint a good picture. You’re aware of what everyone looks like, and the places the characters are in, but in the end it’s because the author told you. At the beginning of the book I found myself a little bit confused as to what point of view the story was being told from, but that was remedied swiftly.

The Characters: The main character, Xade, was interesting to say the least. She was funny and kick butt, and a total smart ass. The problem is that I don’t know anything more about her character than that. If you’re looking for a series of flat characters, look no further. They’re all amusing for sure, but none of them have any true depth. What you see is what you get, and what you see you see in the first two paragraphs of meeting the character. It’s as if the author picked a single trait to give to each and every character and then focused solely on that. The smart ass, Mr. Stud, the jokester, the deep dark and mysterious, the dead-pan. If you don’t need something more from your characters, then you won’t have a problem with this book, but I need depth. This is where this story lost a majority of the points.

The Plot: The plot felt very very familiar. A human world filled with factions fighting a war for power. Does this not scream Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series? Yes. Yes it does. But wait, the main character has to be different, right? Or not. A Hunger Like No Other is also centered around a half vampire half fae girl. Weird, right? The biggest problem for me with the plot is that the main heroine, Xade, kept getting stronger! It’s like she has no dang weakness. Oh no, she got over powered, better pull another power out of her butt. Oh no, there’s too many enemies, better pull yet another power out of nowhere. I just don’t think the bitchy heroine should keep getting so much stronger.

Overall: Now don’t get me wrong. I didn’t hate this book. I didn’t come close to hating it. I thought it was funny, honestly. The characters were witty and the interaction between them all was comical. But when I sit down and think about it, as far as a story goes, this one was very flat. It’s a good, quick read. I read it in about two hours, so it’s just not that long really. I thought it was interesting enough to keep me engaged. Did I mention it was funny? But, and this is a big but, it feels too familiar and for being so similar to something else I’ve read, it just isn’t done well enough. I won’t be continuing the series. If anything, I would recommend Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series over this, because at least you get a little bit more background about the world, and the characters don’t feel quite so 2-D. I think this is an easy to enjoy story, but an easy to forget one as well. Take that as you will.

Profanity. Lots of profanity. Unnecessary? Probably. Lots of blood and guts too, but the author isn’t too descriptive about it.

Personal Rating: PG-13



*In no way to I condone any inappropriate, illegal, weird, awkward, down right strange, or ‘frowned upon’ actions or imaged portrayed in any of the stories I have read and/or reviewed.*


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