Raven’s Passion by Mary Adair

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Rating: If I could give negative stars I would!/5

The Review:

Alright so, I’ll be the first to admit it, but I suck. I received this book as a Goodreads First Read book, and while that doesn’t mean I’m obligated to review it, it’s strongly suggested that I do.
Let me be clear, I’m awful for this reason: I received this book in 2014, and I’m just now getting around to reviewing it now. If you’re going to stick with me please keep this in mind, as this review is mainly explaining this long gap.

To be honest, when entering to receive this book, I glanced at the summary and it seemed interesting, so I entered. I should have read the summary more carefully. The summary of a book is a window into how the author writes, and the kind of book it will be. I did not give this summary enough consideration.

When I received this book, my first thought was that it was a joke. They say never judge a book by it’s cover, but this cover looks like it was made by a kid with photoshop. The writing on the cover is pixelated, I can see the jagged edges along each word. The photo of “Raven” on the front cover is photoshopped beyond all comprehension, and not well. The hair is airbrushed to look like a solid black mass with no texture. The head looks like it comes from a different body, and even the arm band on the boy looks like it was added in after the fact. Should the author maybe have gotten a model or a stock image closer to what she was looking for instead? Yes. Most certainly yes. Because of this cover, I had a hard time even picking up the book in the first place, to start reading.

When I did finally pick up the book, I discovered that it was printed in what has to be size 16 font, double spaced, and does not even possess a separate page for the dedication (it is instead on the back of the first page (which is the copyrights page). There is no title page or table of contents.

I am not a writer myself, but I am a grammatical expert. I have done editing for books and newspapers in my free time and have written several websites for my work. I believe that proper sentence building is important. When it comes to a published book sent specifically for reviews, it should be considered even more important. The first page of the book is just a warning for the kind of writing that you might expect for the rest of it.
“Hair as black as his namesake streamed behind him, tribute to his speed.”
This is the third sentence of the book. When reading it, it can almost be overlooked, if it weren’t for the feeling of something being not quite right. Perhaps it’s because it’s just not quite right. Maybe: ‘hair as black as his namesake streamed behind him, a tribute to his speed’ OR ‘hair as black as his namesake streamed behind him, attributed to his speed.’ But really, I came up with two better options for this seconds after reading this. Did someone edit this book? The next sentence, only the forth in the book:
“His friend, Farthest Running Antelope, sticks held to his side with arms tense and jaw tight, moved in from the other side.”
This sentence doesn’t even really make sense. It’s not grammatically correct in the slightest. The rest of the books fraught with mistakes such as these. I mean, these two in the first paragraph of the book, which mind you is only 4 sentences long. Two of them were a struggle to read smoothly.

I wanted to read this book. I wanted to like this book. Yet, this book is so off putting. The author seems like a lovely, kind person. She wrote me a sweet note on the first page. I wanted to like her story, but I just couldn’t get over the writing. I feel that the author would benefit greatly from a brutally honest editor. I love well written literature, but I could not love this book. I see all of the authors reviews as positive, and maybe other readers are not so critical as I, but perhaps those who were chose not to review at all.

I never try to be cruel, only honest in my reviews. Often, if you have nothing nice to say, nothing should be said at all, but it has just eaten at me. This author sent me this book expecting I would read it and leave her feedback, and I never did. Take this review with with a grain of salt, as everyone has their own limits and preferences.

Recommend or not? Who and why.

I would never tell someone to read this. Has the author even read this? Don’t read this.



*In no way to I condone any inappropriate, illegal, weird, awkward, down right strange, or ‘frowned upon’ actions or imaged portrayed in any of the stories I have read and/or reviewed.*



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