Welcome to Book Reads, Reviews & Recommendations! This site is all about books, if you couldn’t figure that out from the title.


Book Reads

  • Every book I’ve read in the recent past (5 years ago ~ current)

Book Reviews

  • Positive and negative

Book Recommendations

  • For you, the reader
  • Recommend to me, the host


  • I will also have question and answers for things like “What book should I read if I loved this one?” “Where to start in a genre?” “What genre to start in?” “What books are good for this age group?” “What books are good for this grade?” “What is a good stepping stone from this book?” and many more things.

Some answers will be set in stone but others will be ever changing. I am willing and able to answer any question thrown my way.

Optional: You know how sometimes you’ve read a book and can’t remember exactly what happens, but maybe the next one has come out or something like that, and you don’t want to re-read the last book? Or maybe you’ve read the first in a series and don’t want to read the next one if it isn’t going to go how you like? I’m totally willing to write a fully summary of any book I’ve read and either message it or email it to you, just so you know! I won’t post on site (to avoid spoilers) but if this is something you’re interested in, please feel free to contact me!


A great way to find out if that book is worth your time or money!

A unique thing about this blog is that I will read any book that I am asked to. If a reader asks me to read the book I will go out of my way to purchase it (unless it’s something crazy like a $50+ book) and offer a personal and private review under the stipulation that it will not be published anywhere without my permission, as well as suggestions of what books to read after if it is the kind of book you like.

Should an author ask me to read a book I would be glad to do so and offer a fully detailed, professional review in exchange for either a paper or e-copy of said book. Do not hesitate to contact me about reading a book!


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