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Hey again!

Just wanted to throw this one out there: I started on GoodReads. It’s an amazing site to keep track of all of the books you’ve read and books others have read. I find some reviews there to be very tasteful, and some not so much. I am still using it and will continue to do so. All reviews posted here have been posted on as well. I highly recommend it to any reader.


Erica Mei



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Welcome to Book Reads, Reviews & Recommendations!

You can call me backsong and this is a brand new blog! Let me tell you about what is to come. This blog is for readers of all shapes and sizes, any ethnicity and genders as well as whatever religious affiliation. There is no discrimination against any group. My goal is simply to spread my love of reading, find new things to read, and help others do the same.

I personally love to read, I can claim it’s the one thing in life I truly enjoy; that is the ability to escape into a world that isn’t my own.

As I get things started up I’ll be updating this site with all of my personal reads. Expect to see a personal read list, a personal review list, a personal preferences/favorites list and much more. I’ll be taking any recommendations starting right now, even though things aren’t entirely set up here.

Please take a quick trip over to the “About” page and the “Contact” page at the top of this site just for some info and to familiarize yourself with it.

Thanks so much,


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